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Metal Earth Geophysics: Seismic


Project Information


Project Title:

Processing and Interpretation of Metal Earth R1 and R2 seismic profiles  

Research Location:


Research Team: 

Saeid Cheraghi, Research Associate/PDF Laurentian University.

Hossein Jodeiri Akbari Fam (Phd Candidate Laurentian University).

Christopher Mancuso (MSc Candidate Laurentian University).

Elton Moses Mpongo (MSc Candidate Laurentian University).

Robert Thobejane Rapolai (MSc Candidate Laurentian University).


Project Status:



Mostafa Naghizadeh

Assistant Professor of Seismic Geophysics, 

Mineral Exploration Research Centre,

Laurentian University 


Academic Collaborators:

David Snyder - Metal Earth Consultant, Geological Survey of Canada

Gerhard Pratt - Western Uinversity, Canada

Scope of Project:

Processing and interpretation of Metal Earth seismic wave reflection (R1 and R2) data by integrating other geophysical and geological data from the Metal Earth project, as well as previously acquired geophysical data from regional scale projects conducted in the Superior province including Lithoprobe (1990) and Discover Abitibi (2005).


Anticipated Outcomes:

The project aims to generate a 3D model of crust for the Superior province using all available seismic data (Metal Earth, Lithoprobe, Discover Abitibi). Additionally, this 3D model will utilize other geophysical models such as electrical resistivity, density, susceptibility, and P-wave and S (seismic) wave velocities from global seismology studies. High resolution seismic data processing methods will be applied to Metal Earth data to enhance the near-surface image in order to make a better connection between surface geology and subsurface images.


Transect Research Projects

Project Title:


Processing of R2 seismic profiles along Metal Earth transects.


Saeid Cheraghi, Research Associate, Laurentian University


Least-squares Multi-Focusing seismic imaging of complex geological structures.


Hossein Jodeiri Akbari Fam, PhD student, Laurentian University


Machine Lerarning application in seismic data processing of crooked seismic lines.


Christopher Mancuso, MSc student, Laurentian University


Seismic interpretation of the Metal Earth’s Larder Lake transect.


Elton Mpongo, MSc student, Laurentian University


Integrated interpretation of the Metal Earth’s Rouyn-Noranda seismic transect.


Robert Rapolai, MSc student, Laurentian University