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Metal Earth Transect Scale Project: Swayze/Matheson


Project Information

Project Title:

Metal Earth Abitibi Transect, Swayze/Matheson   

Research Location:

Swayze, Ontario / Matheson, Ontario

Research Team:

Dr. Rasmus Haugaard, Research Associate, Laurentian University

Blake Mowbray, (MSc candidate, Laurentian University)*

Connor Small, (MSc candidate, Laurentian University)*

Colt Meyer, (BSc honours, Laurentian University)*

*Past student team members

Project Status:



Rasmus Haugaard 

Research Associate (PDF),

Mineral Exploration Research Centre,

Laurentian University 

Academic Collaborators:

Mike Hamilton, Jack Satterly Laboratory, University of Toronto

Thomas Gemmell, Geologist, Ontario Geological Survey

Peter MacDonald, Geologist, Ontario Geological Survey


Industry Collaborators:

Steve Scott and Robin Wolff, Exploration Geologists, McEwen Mining.

Gary O’Connor, CEO and Chief Geologist and Director, Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.

David Schonfeldt, Exploration Manager, Kirkland Lake Gold.

Lionel Bonhomme, Prospector and Exploration Consultant.

Ed Van Hees, Regional Resident Geologist.


Scope of Project:

The purpose of the Matheson transect mapping and research is to gather more information on the timing of formation and mineralization of the extensive metasedimentary and intrusive rocks in the area. More specifically, the work seeks to strengthen the geological knowledge of the stratigraphy in the area, to better interpret the seismic and magnetotelluric surveys being conducted along the transect in the Matheson area. The work along the Metal Earth transect will be imaging key crustal structures such as the Porcupine–Destor deformation zone and extending the geological architecture of the area farther east. This will contribute to establishing new targets for exploration for gold and base metals.


Swayze Map:


Matheson Map:


Anticipated Outcomes:

Two manuscripts are anticipated for completion, with working titles as follows:

1) The assemblage-scale architecture of the Matheson transect: Tectonic and metallogenic implications, and
2) The timing of late syenite and syn-orogenic clastic sedimentation in the Matheson area.


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