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Metal Earth Project: Mantle Group


Project Information

Project Title:

Mantle Group


Project Status:




Graham Pearson,  

Professor,  University of Alberta 

Research Team: 

Dr. Helen Legros, Postdoctoral Researcher 

Dr. Chiranjeeb Sarkar, Technical Specialist

Jason Hinde, MSc student, funded by NSERC DERTS program

Dr. Suzette Timmerman (funded by Banting Fellowship)




Academic Collaborators:

Dr. Steven B. ShireyCarnegie Institution for Science

Dr. Janina Czas, Hebrew University, Israel

Dr. Ryan Mathur, Juniata College, PA

Dr. J. Reimink, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Dan J. Schulze, University of Toronto

Dr. Larry Heaman, University of Alberta

Dr. Adrien Vezinet, University of Grenoble


Industry Collaborators:

Dr. Chris Lawley – Geological Survey of Canada

Dr. Bruce Kjarsgaard  – Geological Survey of Canada

Dr. Hendrick Falk – Northwest territories geological Survey

Silver Range Resources

Saskatchewan Research Council


Scope of Project:

The Mantle Group research, for this subproject of Metal Earth, focuses on age and evolution of the early crust and the mantle lithosphere beneath the Superior craton and documentation of metal enrichment in the lithospheric mantle.


Anticipated Outcomes:

Our program aims to understand the role of cratonic mantle in influencing craton metal endowment. Specifically how, when and where the cratonic mantle stores metals and how these metals become transferred and enriched in the crust. We examine the relative endowments of the most ancient crust in the context of its formation mechanism, relative to endowed crustal terranes. We investigate how lithospheric thickness and hence geotherm may control the location of mineralisation. We also are developing new geochronometers and tracers of metal mineralisation, e.g., Nd isotope signatures in scheelite.


Project Title:


Mantle age and geotherm beneath Elliott Lake, Ontario

Dr. Helene Legros, Prof. Dan Schulze, Dr. Steve Shirey

Metal enrichment in mantle metasomatic lithologies

Jason Hinde

Cu isotope tracing of mantle to crust base metal transfer

Dr. Helen Legros, Dr. Janina Czas, Prof. Ryan Mathur (Juanita College)

Archean detrital gold-diamond occurrences Dr. Suzette Timmermann, Dr. Adrien Vezinet, Dr. Jesse Reimink 


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