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Book Chapter


The challenge of finding new mineral resources; global metallogeny, innovative exploration and new discoveries; Volume I, Gold, silver, and copper-molybdenum, Society of Economic Geologists, Littleton, CO, United States, Volume 15, Vol. I, p.133-164 (2010)




Cenozoic, Cretaceous, cross sections, Eocene, faults, hydrothermal conditions, igneous rocks, island arcs, Isotopes, lead ores, Mesozoic, metal ores, Mexico, mineral deposits, genesis, Mineral exploration, mineralization, mines, mining geology, Oligocene, ore minerals, Paleogene, radioactive isotopes, ring silicates, Sedimentary rocks, Sierra Madre Occidental, silicates, silver ores, sulfides, tectonics, Tertiary, tourmaline group, U/Pb, volcanic rocks, volcaniclastics, zinc ores


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