PDAC - SEG Student Minerals Colloquium Registration & Abstract Submission


Students who would like to participate in the poster competition need to complete a two-stage registration process. 

Step 1) Presentation Registration:

Now Open *Reserve your spot* First-come, first-served basis.

As the event has a capacity limit, complete the online registration form to confirm your participation in the event. If your abstract isn’t complete, do not worry! You may submit your abstract at a later date below.

Information required to register: main contact name, institution name, and research category.

Spots fill up quickly, so it is highly recommended that participants submit the Registration Form as early as possible – early submission of the Registration Form is essential to reserve your spot in the colloquium. Late applications will be put on a wait-list.  

--> Register Here


Step 2) Abstract Submission

Abstracts must be submitted via the abstract submission form prior to midnight (EST) 11 22 January 2021. (The initial deadline of January 11 was extended to the 22nd allow for more participants.) Abstracts sent after January 22 will not be eligible for the competition. All posters must be submitted in English, and accompanied by an abstract, which will be published on the PDAC-SEG Student Minerals Colloquium webpage in a format that is citable. Abstracts must be under 400 words, and in the following format; any abstracts not received in this format will be rejected. Download abstract template.


XX LastName1, YY LastName2, ZZ LastName3

1Department, University, City, Province; 2Department, University, City, Province; 3Department, University, City, Province;

Abstract Text (12 point Times New Roman, single paragraph, no indent, single-spaced, 400 words maximum). No figures. No tables. No references.

Abstracts will be reviewed and only those that are free of errors will be accepted, so students should prepare their abstracts well ahead of time and have their Supervisors review them. Please ensure all fields in the abstract submission form are complete and accurate as the information will be used to track your submission and will be published online at merc.laurentian.ca/seg-smc. Late submissions will be placed on a waitlist, reviewed and included only if there is space, and will not be eligible for prizes.

--> Submit Abstract

Instructions for recording video and creating virtual posters will be added soon. 

Any questions regarding registration or submission requirements may be sent to the SMC organizing committee (SMC@laurentian.ca).