PDAC - SEG Student Minerals Colloquium


Abstract Submission

Abstracts can be submitted on this website (see below). Abstracts must be under 400 words, and in the following format; any abstracts not received in this format will be rejected. Download abstract template.


XX LastName1, YY LastName2, ZZ LastName3

1Department, University, City, Province; 2Department, University, City, Province; 3Department, University, City, Province;

Abstract Text (12 point Times New Roman, single paragraph, no indent, single spaced, 400 words maximum). No figures. No tables. No references.

Abstracts will be reviewed and only those that are free of errors will be accepted, so students should prepare their abstracts well ahead of time and have their Supervisors review them. Abstracts must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 13 January 2019, late submissions will be placed on a wait list, reviewed and included only if there is space, and will not be eligible for prizes.


Poster Dimensions

Posters must be 42" high x 60" long designed to fit inside event poster panel and should be affixed with Velcro® hook material that will permit them to be affixed to felt-covered boards.