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A new Canadian research initiative funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.


Metal Earth Data Repository

The Metal Earth Data Repository provides the public with access to publications, presentations, data sets, and other products that have been created as a part of Metal Earth’s research initiatives. Items in the repository are hosted in two locations: (1) the Metal Earth Hub, and (2) the Metal Earth Miscellaneous Data Archive (below).

Metal Earth Hub

The Metal Earth Hub is the primary location where Metal Earth publications, presentations, and geospatial data sets are stored. Examples of items that can be found on the Hub include:

  • peer-reviewed scientific papers
  • theses
  • slide decks from scientific meetings
  • transect maps
  • georeferenced geochronology data sets

Publications and presentations are commonly available as PDF files, while geospatial data sets are available in a variety of file formats that are compatible with standard mapping software (e.g., ArcGIS, QGIS, Google Earth).

The Metal Earth Hub is also fully integrated with ArcGIS Online, which allows users to view and filter most of the stored geospatial data sets using a built-in online map window. The Hub is updated frequently with new publications and data sets from project leaders, research associates, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students.

Please be sure to visit our research page and subscribe to the MERC newsletter to stay on top of new data releases and recent publications.

Metal Earth Data Archive

The Metal Earth Data Archive is hosted on the MERC website (on page below). It contains assorted data sets that cannot be stored on the Metal Earth Hub due to file type restrictions.

Examples of items that can be found in this archive include:

  • raw and processed data sets from various types of geophysical surveys (e.g., magnetotelluric survey data)

Each data set uploaded to this archive is accompanied by a news post on the MERC website and noted in the MERC newsletter.

At this time, data sets are categorized according to data type and project location. Available data sets in the archive are listed below:

Geophysics data


  1. Seismic reflection sections for ME-321-R1 transect from Metal Earth project and KSZ-12 transect from Lithoprobe project.
  2. Shear-wave velocity model derived using Ambient Noise Surface Wave Tomography (ANSWT) from Larder Lake's passive seismic records.
  3. Five PS-convertibility sections derived using Receiver Function analysis of Larder lake's passive seismic records.

Magnetotelluric (MT)

  • Matheson MT - Raw .edi files
  • Swayze MT - Raw .edi files
  • Wabigoon Broadband MT - Zipped folder contains 8 broadband MT stations selected from the Rainy River, Dryden, Atikokan, Sturgeon, and Geraldton transects for the purposes of data infill for the study of Roots et al. (2024). File type: EDI. Data collected from the western Superior craton, June - September 2018, by Metal Earth through Moombarriga Geoscience. Related publication: Roots, E. A., Frieman, B. M., Hill, G. J., Smith, R. S., Craven, J. A., Calvert, A. J., Snyder, D. B. (2024). Constraints on growth and stabilization of the western Superior Craton from inversion of magnetotelluric data. Tectonics. Under Review.




If you would like to have a data set uploaded to the Metal Earth Data Repository, or if you have any questions or comments about the repository itself, please contact the Metal Earth GIS and Database Management Team at me_gis@laurentian.ca.