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Journal Article


International Journal of Remote Sensing, Taylor and Francis Ltd., Volume 29, Number 14, p.4089-4096 (2008)




Gaussian distribution, Reflection, remote sensing


A modified Gaussian model (MGM) is used to separate overlapping absorption features into their fundamental bands in mineral reflectance spectra; it is widely used in the planetary remote sensing community. To facilitate its use for earth-observation studies where it has not been widely adopted, we show that the MGM analysis in wavenumber is numerically equivalent to Gaussian analysis in wavelength, improving access to software that is capable of the analysis. The two approaches were tested on a synthetic spectrum and a measured mineral spectrum. Results for the two methods are as close to identical as computationally possible, confirming their equivalency.


Compilation and indexing terms, Copyright 2018 Elsevier Inc.<br/>20082811362956<br/>Absorption features<br/>Earth observations<br/>Fundamental bands<br/>Gaussian analysis<br/>Hyperspectral reflectance<br/>Modified gaussian models<br/>Planetary remote sensing<br/>Reflectance spectrum