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Book Chapter


Explore in Manitoba; report of activities 2000, Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines - Geological Services, Winnipeg, MB, Canada, Volume 2002, p.9-19 (2002)




Canada, Canadian Shield, correlation, faults, Flin Flon Belt, Flin Flon Manitoba, geochemistry, igneous rocks, lithofacies, lithostratigraphy, Manitoba, massive deposits, massive sulfide deposits, metal ores, mineral deposits, genesis, mineralization, new names, North America, ore bodies, Paleoproterozoic, petrography, Precambrian, proterozoic, Saskatchewan, tectonics, tectonostratigraphic units, thrust faults, upper Precambrian, volcanic rocks, volcaniclastics, Western Canada


Detailed stratigraphic sections, 1:500-scale mapping, clast counts and descriptions of the footwall stratigraphy to the Flin Flon, 777 and Callinan volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits have established several distinctive eruptive and volcaniclastic members belonging to a newly defined unit, the Flin Flon formation. Detailed stratigraphic correlation of the newly defined members has assisted identification of stratigraphic repetitions due to early thrust faulting and associated drag folding. This better understanding of the stratigraphy, depositional environment and subsequent deformation will allow a more comprehensive analysis of the present position of the VMS horizon in three dimensions.


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