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Book Chapter


Summary of field work and other activities 2003, Ontario Geological Survey, Toronto, ON, Canada, p.40.1-40.7 (2003)




Abitibi Belt, alteration, Archean, base metals, Canada, Canadian Shield, copper ores, deformation, eastern canada, facies, felsic composition, government agencies, Greenstone Belts, igneous rocks, intrusions, mafic composition, mapping, massive deposits, massive sulfide deposits, metal ores, Metallogeny, metamorphic belts, Metamorphic rocks, metavolcanic rocks, mineral composition, mineral deposits, genesis, Mineral exploration, mining geology, North America, Ontario, Ontario Geological Survey, ore bodies, ore grade, petrography, plutonic rocks, Precambrian, progress report, pyroclastics, report, reserves, stratigraphic units, stratigraphy, superior province, survey organizations, tonnage, volcanic rocks, VOLCANISM


GeoRef, Copyright 2018, American Geological Institute.<br/>2010-044279<br/>Aconda Lake<br/>Canadian Jamieson Deposit<br/>Forbes Lake<br/>Genex Deposit<br/>Godfrey Ontario<br/>Kam-Kotia Deposit<br/>Kamiskotia Ontario