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Christopher Mancuso

PhD candidate Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

Chris completed his MSc at Laurentian University in 2020 with research focusing on exploration seismology.

Current Research:

My PhD research is focused on the development of algorithms for jointly inverting seismic data combined with other geophysical data to reliably estimate earth models. Other projects include applying the mathematical basics of big data similarity and matching techniques towards processing the seismic data acquired in hard rock settings, 2D/3D refraction tomography, and generalized geophysical inversion.

My supervisor is Dr. Mostafa Naghizadeh.

Related Publications:

Mancuso, C., & Naghizadeh, M. (2021). Generalized Cross Dip Moveout Correction of Crooked 2D Seismic Surveys. Geophysics, 86(4), 1-61. https://doi.org/10.1190/geo2020-0278.1



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