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Christopher Mancuso

MSc Candidate Geology (Geophysics)

Cross Dip Moveout Correction for Arbitrary Processing Geometries

Chris is a Master of Science student at Laurentian University with research focusing on Exploration Seismology. Before coming to Laurentian University, he completed his medical degree in 2014 and has a diverse research background including environmental and Indigenous health and archaeology.

Current Research:

My research relates to applying active seismic techniques to hard rock mineral exploration. I created a methodology to make zero-time corrections to seismic traces collected in high-resolution swath-3D reflection surveys. Theoretical advancements included a 2-step procedure involving horizontal, orthogonal dip decomposition, applied as a 3D travel time equation to account for wavelet stretch. I was motivated to conduct this research to provide higher quality crustal seismic images and produced an open-source computer module in the C programming language that seismologists can use in their workflow.

Other projects include applying the mathematical basics of big data similarity and matching techniques towards processing the seismic data acquired in hard rock settings, 2D/3D refraction tomography, and generalized geophysical inversion.

My supervisor is Dr. Mostafa Naghizadeh.




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