Upcoming Geophysics Courses for Industry Professionals and University Students

The Mineral Exploration Research Centre and Harquail School of Earth Sciences at Laurentian University will offer two geophysics courses open to industry professionals and university students in the coming months.

Modular Course: Exploration Geophysics

Every second December, we present a modular course on Exploration Geophysics. In 2023, the course will be held December 6-15 in the Executive Learning Centre, room FA-386 of the Fraser building on Laurentian’s Sudbury campus.  The course can be taken by graduate students for credit towards their degree programs, or by professionals, in which case it can be counted towards the hours required for continuing education by professional registration organizations like the PGO.  This year, professionals can sign up at a reduced rate if they participate in the lectures remotely and on-line. 

The course is intended for geologists and geophysicists and will cover all aspects of geophysical methods: theory, instrumentation, acquisition, processing, display and interpretation.  The methods covered and the case histories presented will be focused on mineral exploration. 

For the full course description, syllabus, and registration information, visit: https://hes.laurentian.ca/modular-courses#5956.

New course: Potential-Field and Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Methods

A new course is focused to give more details on potential-field methods (gravity and magnetics) and the gamma-ray spectrometry method.  This course is open to industry professionals and university students (either undergraduate or graduate, as it is “cross-listed”). 

This course is offered between January 8 and May 4, 2024.  Students can attend in a classroom in the Willet Green Miller Centre (Sudbury, Ontario), or they can participate remotely, either at the same time as the other participants (synchronously), or asynchronously (to accommodate the participants in other times zones). 

Full course description

Registration form

For further details or questions, please contact Richard Smith RSSmith@laurentian.ca

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