Short Course: Roundup Vancouver, BC

Controls on Precambrian Gold Deposits with a focus on the Superior Craton

January 19th, 2020

Roundup 2020: Vancouver, British Columbia

Join Dr. Ross Sherlock, Dr. John Ayer, Dr. Bruno Lafrance, and Dr. Harold Gibson at AME Roundup 2020. This short course will focus on deposit- and regional-scale controls for orogenic Au and volcanogenic Cu-Zn-Au deposits. The presentations will be based on integration of district to deposit scale studies including geochemistry, U-Pb geochronology, radiogenic and stable isotopic data to provide a better understanding of the complex interplay of stratigraphic, structural and ore-system controls.

It will include results from the ongoing Metal Earth research in the Superior Craton focused on the Abitibi-Wawa and Wabigoon Terranes and examine controls on metal endowment at crust to mantle scales as an aid to improve greenfield area selection and exploration.

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Short Course materials available for download here. 


Learn more about the presenters:

Ross Sherlock graduated from the University of Waterloo with a PhD on Economic Geology in 1993. Ross’ career has spanned, junior and senior exploration companies, government surveys and consulting working nationally and internationally on a variety of deposit types and geologic terranes. Ross joined the faculty of Laurentian University in August 2017, as Chair of Exploration Targeting. He is currently Director of the Mineral Exploration Research Center and the Metal Earth Program.

John Ayer received a PhD degree from the University of Ottawa. He worked for 28 years with the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS) mapping Precambrian greenstone belts and 10 years for the exploration industry. He was a group leader for the OGS Precambrian mapping program, the Targeted Geoscience Initiative 3 and coordinator of the Discover Abitibi Initiative’s Greenstone Architecture project at Laurentian University. He is currently Associate Director of the Mineral Exploration Research Centre. His academic interests include geochronology, stratigraphy, lithogeochemistry and geodymanics with a focus on the controls of metal deposits in Archean Terranes.

Bruno Lafrance graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a PhD in structural geology in 1991, served three years as resident geologist in northern Saskatchewan, and joined Laurentian University in 1999, where is a professor in structural geology and does research on primary and secondary structural controls on ore deposits. He is currently Associate Direction of the Metal Earth Program.

Harold Gibson received a PhD degree from Carleton University. He spent 10 years working with the exploration industry prior to joining the faculty at Laurentian University in 1990. His research is focused on understanding and documenting interrelationships between magmatism, volcanism, tectonics, and the timing of volcanogenic massive sulfide ore systems during the construction and evolution of submarine volcanoes through time. As a full professor at LU and past director of the Mineral Exploration Research Centre he has guided its expansion from a Sudbury-focused centre in 2004, to a globally recognized, industry and government funded, collaborative mineral exploration and educational research centre, which conducts research on Precambrian and younger ore systems.

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