SEG Memorial Volumes Honour Jeremy Richards

The Harquail School of Earth Sciences (HES), and Mineral Exploration Research Centre (MERC) are pleased to announce the first of two open-access Special Volumes published by the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG), dedicated to the memory of Jeremy P. Richards. The Volumes are sponsored by BHP, HES and MERC.

In their Foreward, co-authors Keenan Jennings, BHP Vice-President, Metal Exploration, and Pedro J. Jugo, Associate Professor at HES and MERC write that Richards was an inspirational and influential economic geologist who “viewed porphyry and epithermal systems from a holistic perspective, encompassing geodynamics, tectonics, magma chemistry, and metal endowment. This structured and systemic approach to economic geology embodied the mineral systems concept.”

Jennings and Jugo also recognize Richards for his early critical assessment of resource extraction on sustainable development and his leadership balancing extraction and responsible custodianship of mineral deposits. 

The co-authors further explain that Richards was a proponent of providing open access publications, writing: “BHP and HES-MERC are proud to sponsor this memorial volume to honour and promote the dynamic, creative, and socially progressive thinking for which Jeremy was renowned, and to support his vision of Open Access.”

Volume I of this SEG Special Publication, Tectonomagmatic Influences on Metallogeny and Hydrothermal Ore Deposits: A Tribute to Jeremy P. Richards includes a collection of nine papers. In their Acknowledgements, editors Ali Sholeh and Rui Wang note that the selected papers included in the Richards volume reflect “the nature and breadth of his research on tectonics, magma genesis, and hydrothermal ore deposits.”


 Volume II, which contains eight open-access papers that further reflect the breadth of Jeremy Richards' influence in the areas of tectonics, magma genesis, and hydrothermal ore deposits, is now available online. The publication of Volumes I & II was made possible through the generous financial sponsorship of BHP Metals Exploration, Laurentian University's Mineral Exploration Research Centre (MERC) and Harquail School of Earth Sciences.

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