Preliminary Results from Mapping a New Exposure of the Basal Unconformity Between the Hearst and Larder Lake Assemblages, Skead Township, Northeastern Ontario

This work is part of the multiyear Metal Earth project carried out by MERC (Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Laurentian University, Sudbury) to refine the geological knowledge of the Abitibi greenstone belt. The southern portion of the Larder Lake transect, part of the larger Metal Earth project, crosses through Skead, Hearst, McVittie and Katrine townships in northeastern Ontario. The Larder Lake transect was designed to address regional geologic problems related to the overall stratigraphic and structural framework of the area. As part of the Metal Earth 2017 summer field program, geological mapping was undertaken in Skead Township, approximately 12 km southeast of the town of Larder Lake. The purpose of this targeted mapping was to provide further insight into the nature and timing of the Hearst assemblage clastic sedimentary rocks and their relationship to the Larder Lake assemblage, a predominantly older succession of mafic to ultramafic volcanic rocks.

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