Preliminary Results from Detailed Geological Mapping of Syenite-Associated Gold Mineralization Along the Lincoln–Nipissing Fault, Larder Lake, Ontario

This report summarizes the first summer of field work, conducted in Skead Township, as part of Metal Earth’s Larder Lake transect. Data collected will be used in the senior author’s MSc thesis. This work is part of the multiyear Metal Earth project carried out by MERC (Mineral Exploration Research Centre, Laurentian University, Sudbury).

Detailed geological mapping was conducted on composite intrusive bodies that are associated with gold prospects along the Lincoln–Nipissing shear zone in Skead Township, approximately 11 km south of Larder Lake. As a field term, these intrusive stocks are considered here to be syenitic in affinity. The main objectives of this study are to document the intrusive rocks, with a focus on the petrogenesis of the intrusions, the linkage between the intrusions and the gold mineralization, and how both these events fit into the geologic evolution of Skead Township. Mapping of the intrusions focussed on the compositional domains and the alteration overprint, as well as fracture and vein orientation and densities. Further work will characterize the metal and geochemical signature of the hydrothermal overprint of the gold prospects, for comparison with intrusion-related deposits elsewhere.

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