Ontario Geological Survey Summary of Field Work 2019

Summary of Field Work and Other Activities presents highlights of, and key new information from, mapping and geoscientific research conducted during the year.


26. Mole_Thurston: Terrane-scale Crustal Sampling of the Wawa Subprovince

27. Rubingh et al: Regional Field Mapping to Determine the Significance of a Magnetotelluric Anomaly in the Blake River Group, Katrine Township, Northeastern Ontario

28. Tuba_Sherlock: Geochemical Characterization of Alteration Processes Associated with the Kerr-Addison Orogenic Gold System, Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Ontario

29. White: Structure and Stratigraphy of the Archean Basement near Cobalt, Ontario


30. Rush et al: Tracing the Origin of Metals and Fluids in the Enigmatic Ag-Co-Ni-As(Bi,U) Deposits of Cobalt, Ontario

31. Strongman_Gibson: The Volcanic Lithofacies Stratigraphy Assemblages of the Vent Property, Onaman-Tashota Greenstone Belt, Northern Ontario


32. Haataja: Regional and Contact Metamorphism in the Onaman-Tashota Greenstone Belt

33. Mark et al: Preliminary Results from a Study on the Structural Evolution of the Tashota Shear Zone, Northern Onaman-Tashota Greenstone Belt

34. Toth et al: Structural Evolution and Gold-Molybdenum Mineralization in the Humboldt Bay Deformation Zone, Central Onaman-Tashota Greenstone Belt

35. Lodge et al: Geologic Overview and Petrogenetic History of the Sturgeon Transect, Western Wabigoon Subprovince

36. Ma et al: Variation of Structures Along the Metal Earth Sturgeon Transect in the Winnipeg River Terrane and Western Wabigoon Subprovince, Superior Province

37. Etienne et al: Preliminary Results of a Metallogenic Investigation of Felsic-dominated Supracrustal Assemblages in the Sturgeon Lake Greenstone Belt, Western Wabigoon Subprovince


38. Monstion et al: Field Constraints on Geophysical Investigations of a Regional Fold Structure in the Western Wabigoon Subprovince


39. Zammit et al: Preliminary Results from Structural Investigations of the Manitou-Dinorwic Deformation Zone at Upper Manitou Lake, Western Wabigoon Subprovince


40. Mavundza et al: Investigation of the Emplacement History and Internal Structure of the Revell Batholith in the Western Wabigoon Subprovince


41. Downie et al: Mapping of an Intrusion-Related System Within the Boyer Lake Group in the Western Wabigoon Subprovince, Ontario

42. Frieman_Perrouty: Preliminary Constraints on the Structural and Stratigraphic Relationships Between the Western Wabigoon Subprovince and Marmion Terrane


43. McRae et al: Investigating the Metallogenic Characteristics of the Goliath Gold Deposit: Preliminary Results of Mapping the Stratigraphic and Structural Setting

44. Launay et al: Preliminary Results from Stratigraphic and Structural Study of the Rainy River Greenstone Belt and the Quetico Subprovince

45. Justina et al: Final Phase of Gravity Data Acquisition Along Metal Earth's Transects


46. Estrada et al: Assessing the Potential for Metal Mobility During Lower Crustal Evolution, Kapuskasing Structural Zone, Ontario



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