Metal Earth Summary of Field Work 2019

Summary of Field Work and Other Activities presents highlights of, and key new information from, mapping and geoscientific research conducted during the year.


OFR 6360-1    I.S. Malta, C. Guilmette, G. Beaudoin, C. LaFlamme, B. Quesnel and T.R.C. Jørgensen

Preliminary Results of Summer 2019 Fieldwork in the Northwestern Pontiac Subprovince, Rouyn-Noranda Area, Quebec 

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OFR 6360-2    M.D. Schofield, H. Gibson, K.H. Poulsen and B. Lafrance

Re-examination of the Joliet Breccia, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec

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OFR 6360-3    M. Herzog, C. LaFlamme, G. Beaudoin and B. Quesnel

Delineating Fluid Reservoirs and the Longevity of Hydrothermal-Gold Events of the Malartic–Val-d’Or Mining Camp in the Southern Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Quebec

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OFR 6360-4    G. Raymond, B. Quesnel, C. Scheffer, G. Beaudoin, C. Laflamme, T.R.C. Jørgensen and B. Chapon

Spatial Variation of Fluid-Flow Conditions for Orogenic Gold Mineralization in the Augmitto–Bouzan Segment, Abitibi Subprovince, Quebec

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OFR 6360-5    B. Quesnel, C. Scheffer and G. Beaudoin

Regional Isotopic Survey Systematics: deciphering the fluid-flow variations along deformation zones in Superior Province

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OFR 6360-6    A. Boucher, L. Mathieu and P. Bedeaux

Mapping the Chibougamau transect in the Abitibi Subprovince: the limit between volcanic cycles 1 and 2

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OFR 6360-7    J. Huguet, L. Mathieu, P. Bédard and P. Bedeaux

Mineralogical and chemical characterization of the Chevrillon Pluton and relationship with sedimentary hostrocks, Abitibi Subprovince, Chibougamau Region, Quebec

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OFR 6360-8    P. Bedeaux, L. Mathieu and R. Daigneault

Preliminary Results of Summer 2018 Fieldwork on the Chibougamau Transect, Metal Earth Research Initiative

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OFR 6360-9    M. Kieffer, L. Mathieu, D. Gaboury and P. Bedeaux

Geometry, Geochemistry and Manner of Emplacement of the d'Eau Jaune Complex, Northeastern Abitibi Subprovince, Quebec



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