Metal Earth Partner Advisory Meeting

Partners meet in Sudbury October 16th-28th to present recent research findings on project Metal Earth

Metal Earth Researchers from Laurentian U, Western U, Université du Québec À Chicoutimi (UQAC), Laval U, Ottawa U, and the University of Toronto gather in Sudbury, Ontario for three days to present and discuss recent findings across the Canadian research initiative.


Published presentations can be found below as well as on the Metal Earth Hub under "Research Presentations". Users can search by the presenting author, presentation title, or academic institution. 


Speakers & Presentations:

Integrated Geophysical Imaging of Crystalline Crust in Superior Archean Province


Mostafa Naghizadeh & Saeid Cheraghi, Laurentian University


Waveform inversion for imaging subsurface structures in Larder Lake


Gerhard Pratt & Brian Villamizar, Western University


Magnetotelluric Investigation of the Mineral Systems within the Superior Province


Ademola Adetunji  &  Richard Smith, Laurentian University

3D potential field modelling and inversion - Metal Earth transects


Rajesh Vayavur & Richard Smith, Laurentian University


Tectonic evolution of the southern Abitibi greenstone belt: new insights from integration of geological and geophysical data along the Chicobi and Malartic transects


Xiaohui Zhou, Laurentian University


Rouyn-Noranda Transect


Taus Joergensen & Marina Schofield, Laurentian University


Isotopic mapping and crustal architecture of the Superior Craton


Phil Thurston, Laurentian University


New Geological and Geophysical implications on the Architecture of the Swayze and Matheson Greenstone Belts


Rasmus Haugaard & Tom Gemmell, Laurentian University


Cobalt: Transect Updates and Ongoing Research


Shawna White, Laurentian University


Research progress at the Geraldton-Onaman transect


Zsuzsanna Toth & Keaton Strongman, Laurentian University


The Dryden-Stormy Lake transect: An update & ongoing work


Ben Frieman, Laurentian University


Chibougamau transect update


Pierre Bedeaux, Université du Québec À Chicoutimi (UQAC)


Preliminary results from stratigraphic and structural study of the Rainy River greenstone belt and the Quetico subprobince


Gaëtan Launay, Laurentian University


First-year field investigations and outstanding scientific questions along the Sturgeon transect, western Wabigoon terrane


Chong Ma, Laurentian University


Gold Fingerprinting: Motivation and Method Development


Evan Hastings & Joe Petrus, Laurentian University


Source to Sink: Toward an integrated understanding of the auriferous fluid flow system(s)


Benoît Quesnel, Laval University 


Structural and stratigraphic framework of the Larder Lake area: integrating geological mapping, geochronology, and geophysical data to understand the controls on mineralization


Kate Rubingh, Laurentian University


The cyclic nature of tectonics and metallogeny from Pb isotopes


Sally Pehrsson & Sheree Armistead, NRCan


Significance of whole-rock isochron arrays in metamorphosed systems


Adrien Vezinet, University of Alberta


Modern- ancient environments


Meg Stewart, Ottawa University


ID-TIMS Geochronology - Metal Earth transects 2018-2019


Mike Hamilton, University of Toronto

An Update on the Geospatial Analysis and 3D Modelling of Distinct Subprovinces of the Superior Craton


Leonardo Feltrin, Laurentian University

Magmatic controls on the formation of porphyry Cu-Au deposits: Understanding their rarity in the Archean


 Xuyang Meng & Pedro Jugo, Laurentian University

Localization of Ni-Cu-(PGE) mineralization in an early Proterozoic trans-crustal dike-sill-lava channel system, Cape Smith Belt, Nunavik, Quebec


Dylan McKevitt & Mike Lesher, Laurentian University

Assessing the potential for metal mobility during lower crustal evolution, Kapuskasing Structural Zone, Ontario


Nicolas Estrada & Doug Tinkham, Laurentian University

Magmatic-hydrothermal Au and Cu-Au systems: metal transportation by magmas and magma chemistry applied to exploration models


Lucie Mathieu, Université du Québec À Chicoutimi (UQAC)

The Atikokan transect:  Questions to be addressed and future projects


Bruno Lafrance, Laurentian University


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