Metal Earth Online Tools

MERC launches an interactive project map and a Metal Earth document portal (Metal Earth Hub) to provide the public with tools to navigate through Metal Earth project information.


Interactive Research Project Map

New to the MERC website, is an interactive Metal Earth project map. Website visitors can now explore project information and interact with interpreted lithologies of the Metal Earth Superior Data Compilation.

The Metal Earth project pages provide the public with information regarding the project status, research team, academic and industry collaborators, related presentations, reports and more. 

Visit the MERC Research Activities page to explore active Metal Earth projects.



The Metal Earth Hub

The Metal Earth Hub allows the public to easily access project updates published by Metal Earth. Users have the ability to search for documents based on the project title, author, academic institution, document type and more. 

Visit the Metal Earth Hub to access research presentations, maps, scientific reports, journal papers, and short course materials. Access the Metal Earth Hub via the Metal Earth reports section on the MERC website.



Visit the Metal Earth Homepage

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