Metal Earth Geochronology Compilation: Superior Craton and surrounding area

This publication contains a compilation of publicly available geochronology data across the Superior Craton in eastern Canada and the north-central United States. The sources of these data include the Manitoba Geological Survey (MGS), the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS), the Ministère des Ressources naturelles (MERN), the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC), the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), doctoral dissertations, and personal compilations. 

The compilation of geochronology data described here includes >9500 sample points across the Superior Craton, with an additional 7000 sample points in areas adjacent to the craton.  Multiple isotopic systems (e.g., U-Th-Pb, Ar-Ar, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Re-Os) and interpretations (e.g., crystallization age, metamorphic age, maximum depositional Age, and cooling age) are represented by this data.

This work has been conducted as part of the Metal Earth project led by Laurentian University, a $104 million applied research project funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund and federal/provincial/industry partners. A compilation of reported geochronology data across the Superior Craton will assist in the Metal Earth objective to gain a more thorough understanding of Earth’s early evolution and processes that govern differential metal endowment.


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Metal Earth Geochronology Compilation: Superior Craton and surrounding area


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