Metal Earth Data Release: Chibougamau Transect Data Location Map

The Chibougamau Transect data location map is now available on the Metal Earth Hub, including sample stations and links to source data.

This map and data provide a complete picture of the transect's geophysics and geochemistry.

The release includes a data location map, gravity station coordinates, MT station coordinates, magnetic susceptibility measurements, outcrop photographs, lithological and structural data, and geochemistry sample data and locations.

The data format includes point features, CSV source data files, and hyperlinks to SEG-Y files.

Researchers at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi collected the geological and geochemical data. Metal Earth researchers from Laurentian University collected the geophysical data.

Lucie Mathieu (UQAC) was the lead researcher on the Metal Earth Chibougamau Transect. The map was compiled by Anne Barr ( and Pouran Behnia ( The team is working on the Malartic Transect data location map next.



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