MERC presents Metal Earth Short Course at NEOMMS in October

New Insights into Crustal-Scale Influences on Gold and Base Metal  Endowment in the Superior Craton and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt 

October 1, 2024, Timmins, Ontario 

Northeastern Ontario Mines and Minerals Symposium (NEOMMS) 

This one-day pre-symposium short course will highlight new results from Laurentian University’s Metal Earth program. Through this research project, more than 1,000 km of reflection, seismic, magnetotelluric, and gravity surveys have provided some of the highest-resolution imaging across transects with differing mineral endowments in granite-greenstone terranes across the southern Superior Province.  

The presentations will include large-scale crustal architecture and metallogenic comparisons of endowed versus less endowed areas, focused studies on deposits, and structural and geochemical controls. The contributions will emphasize the integration of field and laboratory geological, geochemical and geophysical studies, providing new insights into the geological and metallogenic framework of endowed terranes and the architecture of the structural conduits controlling the upward migration of melts and mineralizing hydrothermal fluids. It will also include presentations on Mineral Potential Mapping techniques using AI to help focus mineral exploration. 


1. Ross Sherlock: Mapping fertile fault systems in the Superior Craton

2. John Ayer: Architecture and Endowment of the Timmins - Matheson camp

3. Jack Simmons: Archean gold Deposits Associated with Structurally Controlled  Metasedimentary Belts of the Superior Craton 

4. Gyorgyi Tuba: Who let the gold out? A generalized model for hydrothermal  Fluid Evolution and Gold mineralization in Orogenic Deposits 

5. Taus Jorgensen: VMS endowment of Abitibi Greenstone Belt Stratigraphic  Assemblages  

6. Stefanie Brueckner: The Many Faces of VMS deposits: Exploration,  Lithochemistry and Critical Metals 

7. Jeff Harris: Mineral Prospectivity Mapping: Differential Metal Endowment  of the Matheson and Dryden areas 

8. Samuel Tetteh: Kamiskotia Area VMS potential from Lithochemistry and Mineral  Potential Mapping

Note that this tentative program is subject to change.

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