MERC Annual Report: Metal Earth project marks 5th year

MERC Annual Report: Metal Earth project marks fifth year

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As MERC and Metal Earth Director, I’m pleased to present our 2020-21 Annual Report, which outlines the tremendous progress made by researchers, students, faculty and staff.

We have compiled a thorough update of our MERC and Metal Earth projects, providing a view of research results and future plans. 

I would like to thank our funding, industry, government, and institutional partners for their continued support through this year, which marks year five of the Metal Earth project.

Despite challenges posed by COVID-19 and the CCAA process at Laurentian University, this report documents many breakthroughs in geoscience research, high-profile publications, and remarkable accomplishments by researchers, students, faculty, and staff. 

As a leading mineral exploration research centre focused on ore  deposits, and an arm of the Harquail School of Earth Sciences (HES) we  offer an integrated approach to  undergraduate and graduate studies through applied research, education, and HQP training that is designed to 

i) solve challenges related to mining and mineral exploration,

ii) fill knowledge gaps and promote the advancement of geological and exploration education, and ultimately

iii) supply the sector with a qualified workforce.

The Canada First Research Excellence Fund’s support of the Metal Earth project has a positive impact on  Laurentian University.


Together with our partners, we are collaborating with researchers from various backgrounds and countries around the world, making valuable scientific breakthroughs. The volume and quality of geoscience and mineral exploration research have continued to increase exponentially, and positive attention from industry continues to build.

While 2020 was an exceptional year because of the pandemic, in review, it was a remarkable year for adaptation, collaboration, and sharing results. 

I am pleased to present this report on our activities and look forward to what the next year will bring. 


- Ross Sherlock, MERC & Metal Earth Director

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