IGCP 648 Supercontinents & Geodynamics Virtual Seminar Series: May 7th - July 10th

SIGN UP HERE: https://forms.gle/zR7hWdpS1ppJ6HTt5

Sign up to join in the IGCP 648 Supercontinent Cycles & Global Geodynamics virtual seminar series (hosted on Zoom). We aim to run an initial 10 week series, with a weekly one hour seminar. Due to time zone differences, we'll mix this up a bit to cater to different regions. We are seeking a diverse list of speakers and we especially encourage women, people from underrepresented backgrounds, and early career researchers to volunteer for talks.

For further information about the IGCP 648 project visit geodynamics.curtin.edu.au/igcp-648/ or contact Dr. Sheree Armistead at sarmistead@laurentian.ca



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