Health & Safety Week 2019

In preparation for a successful summer of field work, the Metal Earth field crew participated in Health and Safety training the week of May 20th, 2019.

Guest speakers were invited to present on topics ranging from ergonomics of geological summer work, sun and fire safety, WHMIS training, tablet and driver training,  to workplace harassment and discrimination. Students, research associates, field assistants and faculty and staff, participated in groups discussing scenarios that can occur in the workplace and how to effectively intervene.


Thank you to our invited guest speakers for helping to ensure our field crew is safe this summer!

Pamela Patry, Health and Safety Consultant, Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

Jo-Anne Hurd, CRSP, Hurd About Health 

Adam Ranger, Environmental Support Officer, Sudbury and District Health Unit 

Gail Cowper-Benoit, Health and Safety Manager, Laurentian University 

Jennifer Dowdall - Manager, Community Engagement and Human Rights, Laurentian University

Brandon McNab, Fire Management Technician, Sudbury Fire Management Headquarters Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry 

Michael Easton, OGS Health and Safety Representative, JHSC 

Julia Gartley and Susan Lomas, Me Too Mining Association 


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