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Book Chapter
A. E. Beswick, An analysis of compositional variations and spatial relationships within Fe-Ni-Cu sulfide deposits on the North Range of the Sudbury igneous complex, in A special issue devoted to the mineral deposits of the Sudbury Basin, vol. 97, C. M. Lesher and Thurston, P. C., Eds. Economic Geology Publishing Company, Lancaster, PA, United States, 2002, pp. 1487-1508.
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A. E. Beswick, Beckett, P. J., Courtin, G. M., and Tapper, G. O., Grant 291; Evaluation of geobotanical remote sensing as an aid to mineral exploration in northeastern Ontario, in Geoscience research grant program; summary of research 1987-1988, V. G. Milne, Ed. Ontario Geological Survey, Toronto, ON, Canada, 1988, pp. 103-111.
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Journal Article
F. A. Frey, Roden, M. F., Zindler, A., Beswick, A. E., and Carmichael, I. S. E., Constraints on mantle source compositions imposed by phosphorus and the rare-earth elements; discussion and reply, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol. 75, pp. 165-178, 1980.
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