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Sudbury November 6, 2014

Structural evolution of the Sudbury impact structure: Implications for mineral exploration; Dr Bruno Lafrance

Recent Advances in Understanding the Petrogenesis and Metallogenesis of the Sudbury Igneous Complex; Dr Michael Lesher

Geophysical Research for Exploration in Sudbury; Dr Richard Smith

The Sudbury Igneous Complex contact aureole; Taus Joergensen

Mechanisms for Formation of the Archean Conduit-Hosted Black Thor Chromite Deposit, Canada; Heather Carson

Mobilized Chromite and Hybridized Ultramafic Rocks in the Black Label Hybrid Zone, Black Thor Intrusive Complex,McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario; C.S. Spath et al.

One fluid does not fit all! Insights into the nature of fluids in gold deposits based on fluid and mineral chemical studies; Dr Daniel Kontak

Gold enrichment processes in VMS systems and implications for Au endowment in the Chisel sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba; Meg Engelbert

Aqueous geochemical exploration for VMS mineralization: modern seafloors and ancient terrains; Dr Matthew Leybourne