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Rebecca Montsion

Rebecca Montsion

PhD candidate Mineral Deposits and Precambrian Geology

Factors contributing to metal endowment in the western Wabigoon and southern Abitibi subprovinces: a mineral prospectivity modelling approach for Precambrian greenstone belts

Rebecca is a multi-disciplinary geoscientist specializing in 3D data manipulation and integrated exploration techniques. In 2014, Rebecca completed her honours Undergraduate degree in Earth Science and Physical Geography at Carleton University in Ottawa. In 2017, she completed a Masters of Science in Earth Science, focusing on 3D geological modelling methods in regionally extensive and structurally complex settings, at the University of Ottawa. As of Fall 2018, she is undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy degree at Laurentian University and the University of Western Australia. Her work will advance computer based exploration techniques in greenfield settings and will investigate factors that control gold endowment in greenstone belts. Supervisors are Drs Stéphane Perrouty, Mark Lindsay, Mark Jessell, and Ross Sherlock.



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