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Rajesh Vayavur

Research Associate, Metal Earth

Email: RVayavur@laurentian.ca

I joined MERC in Spring 2019 as Research Associate (Geophysics) - Metal Earth Project. My research focus is potential field modelling and inversion with constraints from seismic and petrophysical data to study the crustal architecture of Abitibi greenstone belt and identify metal endowed areas. Before joining Laurentian University, I worked as Research Scientist (Geophysics) at ConocoPhillips School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma. I completed my PhD in Geophysics at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. The primary objective of my research is "Seismic and potential field constraints on the shallow crustal structure of inner Bering shelf, offshore southwestern Alaska. I also received a Master of Technology degree in Mineral Exploration from University of Hyderabad, India with a specialization in Uranium and Gas Hydrate exploration. I am one of the top three recipients of prestigious “Baldota fellowship” for academic year (2006-2009) which was awarded to pursue Master’s program in Mineral exploration at University of Hyderabad in collaboration with industry and various National research institutes of India. Apart from that, I have a Master degree in physics from University of Hyderabad with a specialization in Solid-State Physics and Electronics and Bachelor degree in Math, Physics & Electronics.



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