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Louise Rush

MSc candidate Geology

Tracing the origin of metals and fluids in the enigmatic Ag-Ni-Co-As+/-(Bi,U) deposits of Cobalt, Ontario

Cobalt, Ontario, is an important historical mining centre in Canada with over 460 Moz of Ag produced. The mineralization is part of the enigmatic five-element association (Ag-Ni-Co-As+/-(Bi, U)) which remains a poorly defined ore deposit type globally. The project will constrain the nature of the fluids and origin of mineralization in addition to comparing it to other similar settings globally. This will be accomplished by addressing: 1) the source of the metals, 2) constraining fluid chemistry, 3) assessing spatial and temporal relationship between ore and altered host rock, 4) dating the time of fluid flow and ore formation, and 5) constraining the PT evolution of the fluids.

Louise started work on this Metal Earth project in Winter 2019, is funded by First Cobalt Corp. and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and her supervisors are Drs. Daniel Kontak and Ross Sherlock.



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