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Gaetan Launay portrait

Gaëtan Launay

Research Associate with Metal Earth

Email: glaunay@laurentian.ca As a Research Associate for the Metal Earth project at Laurentian University, I have been in charge of the research activities carried out on the Rainy River greenstone belt, and more recently, the Timmins project.

By conducting and supervising geoscience research projects at various scales in greenstone belts, which host synvolcanic mineralization and orogenic gold deposits, I have developed a strong knowledge of Precambrian geology and the metallogeny of Ontario. To constrain the stratigraphy and the crustal architecture of the Rainy River greenstone belt, I designed and achieved multidisciplinary bedrock mapping, which was done in concert with the sampling of representative samples suitable for lithogeochemical and geochronological analysis. In the framework of this project, I also have demonstrated my abilities to integrate and interpret various geological and geophysical datasets to produce geological maps and a crustal-scale cross-section of the Rainy River greenstone belt that provide new interpretations and improve knowledge of the geodynamic evolution of this area. 



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