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Connor Small

MSc candidate Geology

The Rundle Intrusive Complex, Abitibi Greenstone Belt: Investigating Oxidation Processes Related to Gold Mineralization in an Archean Alkaline Intrusive Setting

I completed my secondary education in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Afterwards I was accepted to the University of Ottawa where I graduated in 2018 with an Honours BSc in Geology.

Since the spring 2018, I have been working with Laurentian University to complete my MSc in Geology, which focuses on an intrusion-related gold deposit in the Abitibi Greenstone Belt.  This thematic Metal Earth project is to focus on the gold mineralization relationship between oxide minerals (magnetite, hematite, goethite(?)) and sulfur isotope (δ34S) changes in pyrite at a deposit scale. Understanding the mineralogical indicators is critical for interpreting the fO2 control on gold mineralization in an Archaen alkaline intrusive setting. 

Funding: Earth Resources and Geoscience Mapping Section, Ontario Geological Survey.

Supervisory committee: Andrew McDonald, Evan Hastie, Daniel Kontak, Pedro Jugo



Upcoming Events

  • Sudbury Gem and Mineral Show

    Friday, July 19th
    Time: 05:00pm - 04:00pm
    Location: Carmichael Arena, 1298 Bancroft Dr, Sudbury, ON P3B 1R5, Canada

  • MSc Thesis Defense Amir Maleki Ghahfarokhi

    Friday, July 26th
    Time: 09:00am - 10:00am
    Location: Room FA-386 (Executive Learning Centre), Fraser Bldg, 935 Ramsey Lake Rd, Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6, Canada