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M. I. Leybourne, Schwarz-Schampera, U., De Ronde, C. E. J., Baker, E. T., Faure, K., Walker, S. L., Butterfield, D. A., Resing, J. A., Lupton, J. E., Hannington, M. D., Gibson, H. L., Massoth, G. J., Embley, R. W., Jr, W. W. Chadwic, Clark, M. R., Timm, C., Graham, I. J., and Wright, I. C., Submarine magmatic-hydrothermal systems at the monowai volcanic center, Kermadec Arc, Economic GeologyEconomic Geology, vol. 107, pp. 1669-1694, 2012.
Compilation and indexing terms, Copyright 2018 Elsevier Inc.20124915756420Basaltic andesiteComposite volcanoesHydrothermal fluidsHydrothermal plumeHydrothermal systemHydrothermal ventLarge shiftsLow temperaturesMagmatic volatilesMagmatic-hydrothermal systemsMetal contentRemobilizationRock typesScattering anomaliesSea surfacesSulfide formationTi contentTonga-Kermadec arcVolcanic centersVolcanic debrisVolcano flanksWater rock interactionsWater-rock reactions