Well-Shen Lee

Well-Shen Lee

MSc Candidate Geology

I am investigating the genesis and fluid evolution of the Late Cretaceous Klaza Au-Ag-Pb-Zn-(Cu) epithermal deposit and it's implications to the metallogeny and tectonic evolution of the Mount Nansen gold corridor in the Dawson Range, West-central Yukon. This project has expanded to include comparative investigations on the Casino deposit's Bomber Pb-Zn-Ag epithermal veins as well as the Tinta Hill epithermal deposit. This project is funded by NRCan's Targeted Geoscience Initiative (5): Deep Porphyry Processes, with strong support from Rockhaven Resources Ltd.

Research Interests: My research interests lie in metallogeny and investigating the mechanisms behind high grade, multi-stage ore systems that produce important mining districts around the world. Observations at the micron scale as well as the deposit scale can reveal many processes occurring on a regional scale. I hope to simplify the search for new deposits and gold districts which has become increasingly challenging as we look under cover. Intergration of traditional and unconventional analytical methods with field observations and modern technology in my current project will pave the way for more successful exploration of linked and co-spatial porphyry-epithermal systems. 

Previous experience: My involvement in ore deposit research started during my BSc. (Hons) in Geology at the University of British Columbia where I was given the opportunity to work with Dr. Murray Allan on a mineralogical and fluid comparison of orogenic gold systems in the Dawson Range as part of the Mineral Deposit Research Unit's Yukon-Alaska Metallogeny Project. 

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