Michael Schindler

Michael Schindler


My research interest is in chemical and mineralogical processes at the nano-scale in soils, sediments, tailings and ore deposits.

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E-mail: mschindler@laurentian.ca


Research Interests

All mineralogical and biogeochemical processes in the environment occur at the nano-scale (1-100 nm). Processes at this scale commonly control the fate of metal- and metalloid-bearing contaminants in soils, tailings, sediments and water. Environmentally relevant processes at the nano- and micro- scale include adsorption of contaminants on mineral surfaces, organic matter and nanoparticles, mineral surface–bacteria interactions, transport of contaminant-bearing nanoparticles within soils, sediments and tailings in percolating waters, and the formation, agglomeration, attachment and release of contaminant-bearing nanoparticles.

Please see my contributions to the Elements Magazine on "Rock and Mineral Coatings - Records of Climate Change, Pollution, and Life", June 2017 - Volume 13, Number 3.


Available Research Projects

Please contact me if you are interested in an Honor Thesis or M.Sc. research project in the characterization of the interaction between metal(loid)s and organic matter at the Nano-scale.


Current BSc thesis projects

David Weatherhead: The presence of Pb-nanoparticles in soils of a firing range

Brittaney Courchesne: The chemical distribution of Ag and As in the tailings at Cobalt, ON, Canada


Current Graduate Students

Neil McClenaghan: A risk assessment on the release and fate of chromite nanoparticles at the "Ring of Fire", Ontario

Haley Mantha: The sequestration of Cu and Zn by organic material and mineral surface coatings in soils around a former Cu-Zn smelter, Timmins, ON

Britanny Duhamel: Interaction of oil with mineral surfaces

Emilia Principe: Characterization of the interaction between mine waste and bacteria


Other research projects

Characterization of Gold ore deposits at the Nano-scale (in collaboration with Evan Hastie, Daniel Kontak and Bruno Lafrance, Laurentian University)

Characterization of Martian analogues from Hawaii at the Nano-scale (in collaboration with Michael Hochella, Pacific Northwest Laboratories, USA)


Representative Publications


Journal Articles

61. Schindler, M., Lanteigne, S., McDonald, A.M. & Hawthorne, F.C. (2015): The role of mineral surface-coatings in soils contaminated by atmospheric pollution (Accepted for publication 16 October, 2015).

60. Malcolm, K.J., Leverington, D.W. and Schindler, M. (2015) A Landsat-Based Study of Black Rock Coatings Proximal to Base Metal Smelters, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. International Journal of Remote Sensing (in press).

59. Caplette, J., Schindler, M. and Kyser, T. K. (2015) The Black Rock Coatings in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec: Fingerprints of Historical Smelter Emissions and the Local Ore. Can. J. Earth Sciences (accepted).

58. Schindler, M. and Hochella, M.F. (2015) Soil memory in mineral surface coatings: environmental processes recorded at the nanoscale. Geology 43, 415–418.

57. Schindler, M., Legrand, C.A., Hochella, M.F. (2015) Alteration, adsorption and nucleation processes on clay-water interfaces: Mechanisms for the retention of uranium by altered clay surface on the nanometer scale. Geochim. Cosmochim. 153, 15-36.

56. Schindler, M. (2014) A mineralogical and geochemical study of slag in the historical O’Donnell Roast Yards, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Can. Mineral. 52, 433-452.

55. Lanteigne, S., Schindler, M. and McDonald, A. (2014) Distribution of metal(loid)s in smelter-derived particulate matter in soils, mineralogical insights into their retention and release in a low-T environment. Can. Mineral. 52, 453-471.

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