Keaton Strongman

Keaton Strongman

MSc Candidate Geology

FROM: Mississauga, Ontario GRADUATED FROM: McMaster University/ Laurentian University (B.Sc) INTERESTS: Volcanology, VMS deposits, metallogeny, hydrothermal systems, and igneous and metamorphic petrology CURRENT RESEARCH: Volcanic, structural and hydrothermal history of the Onaman VMS prospect, Eastern Wabigoon Greenstone Belt SUPERVISORS: Dr. Harold Gibson/ Dr. Bruno Lafrance

 I completed my B.Sc. at McMaster University and Laurentian University with an honour's thesis focused on the chemostratigraphy of the South Range Norite of the Sudbury Igneous Complex supervised by Dr. C. Michael Lesher (Laurentian). My M.Sc. was focused on the volcanic, structural, and hydrothermal evolution of a metamorphosed high sulfidation volcanogenic massive sulfide system in the Archean Onaman Assemblage in Northern Ontario supervised by Dr. Harold Gibson (Laurentian). My current research is focused on integrating physical volcanology, structural geology, hydrothermal systems, tectonics, metallogeny and petrogenesis into the study of regional controls on VMS and epithermal systems in the Archean Onaman-Tashota Belt in Northern Ontario.

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