Alessandro Ielpi

Alessandro Ielpi

Assistant Professor, Sedimentology, MSc Program Coordinator

Alessandro is a fluvial sedimentologist currently investigating Precambrian- to Palaeozoic- river morphodynamics in various areas including Arctic and Atlantic Canada, UK, and northern Europe. He is also interested in the study of extra-terrestrial and modern analogue modelling of pre-Silurian rivers. Alessandro has authored 27 peer-reviewed publications, four peer-reviewed government reports. He is a peer-reviewer for 13 journals, including Geology, Sedimentology, Palaeo3, Geological Magazine, and Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.

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Assistant Professor, Sedimentology, MSc Program Coordinator

BSc, MSc, PhD, University of Siena

Topics: Sedimentary geology; Precambrian rivers; Fluvial geomorphology.

Areas of study: Arctic and Atlantic Canada; British Isles; Horn of Africa.



GEOL 3217 - Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

GEOL 4226 - Pleistocene and Glacial Geology

GEOL 5216 - Advanced Sedimentology



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