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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Structural geology of the Timiskaming and Cadillac groups along the Malartic segment of the Larder Lake–Cadillac deformation zone and implications for gold mineralization, Abitibi greenstone belt, northwestern Quebec

The Larder Lake–Cadillac deformation zone (LLCDZ; Figure 1) in the Abitibi greenstone belt of the Archean Superior Province is a major crustal-scale deformation zone hosting numerous world-class golddeposits. Little work has been done on gold mineralization hosted by metasedimentary rocks of the Timiskaming and Cadillac groups along the Malartic segment of the LLCDZ due to the lack of outcrops. However, new outcrops stripped mechanically by Midland Exploration Inc. over the last two years provide a great opportunity to study gold mineralization in this prospective district. An area along the Malartic segment of the LLCDZ (Figure 2) was mapped in the summer of 2017 as part of the Malartic seismic-transect mapping project of the Metal Earth initiative. The goals of the 2017 mapping project were to establish the structural history of the supracrustal rocks, determine the structural timing of goldbearing quartz veins and establish the relationship between the Timiskaming Group and Cadillac group in the study area. This report focuses on the structural evolution of these rocks and their gold-bearing veins.

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Structural Geology Of The Timiskaming And Cadillac Groups Along The Malartic Segment Of The Larder Lake–Cadillac Deformation Zone

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